Can Cremation Services Happen Right Away?

There are many reasons why people often choose cremation services in Berkeley Heights, NJ over a traditional burial. One such reason is because it simpler for their families. It’s easier for families to move forward with cremation than it is to go through traditional burial services. Cremation can be put together quickly, and the memorial services families might want to have happen afterward can happen at any time at all, taking a lot of pressure off the planning situation.


If you have never planned a cremation before, you might not really know what the timeline of the process really is. Can it happen right after death occurs? Can it happen the next day? Does it have to wait a week? These are the questions you might be asking if you’ve never dealt with the issue in the past.’


Cremation can take place rather quickly, if that’s the avenue you want to take for your loved one. More often than not, it happens within 48-72 hours of the person’s death. You will have to secure the death certificate, have the person transferred to the cremation provider of your choice, and sign some consent forms. When you move forward with cremation quickly like this, it is called direct cremation. After the cremation is complete, you can take your time in planning whatever services you want for the person in question.


It might sound like a long time to wait, 2-3 days, to get the cremation done. But keep in mind that cremation is a process that cannot be reversed. Funeral homes want family members to be sure about the process before they move forward. They want to get all of the paperwork in line and make their way through the state requirements before they go ahead with the cremation. You don’t have to be involved in all the red tape, but it must be done before things are completed.


In the meantime, while you wait for the cremation process to take place, your loved one will be cared for in a safe and secure location in the funeral home. They are protected and you have peace of mind that they are in good hands.


Many people go with cremation because it takes place relatively quickly and then erases the timeframe they have to have in place for memorial services. They can have a service right away or several weeks or even months into the future. Those options are very appealing for a variety of reasons.


If you have more questions about cremation services in Berkeley Heights, NJ and how quickly things can come together so the cremation can actually take place, contact the professionals at Paul Ippolito Berkeley Memorial, located at 646 Springfield Ave Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. We’re here to answer your questions at (908) 277-6446 or you can come in and visit with our funeral director in person. We can even show you our facilities and where the actual cremation will take place.

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