Green/Natural Burial Services

Paul Ippolito Memorials is pleased to offer our families environmentally conscious burial and cremation options. As more and more people turn to natural and sustainable lifestyles to reduce their individual impact on the earth; choosing a funeral option to reflect the deceased’s natural lifestyle is a fitting final tribute. 


Families considering an environmentally friendly green or natural funeral service have a wide range of service options to choose from. These options include but are not limited to public and private visitations at our funeral home, private home vigils, services at off-site locations, church services, graveside services, and cremation options. Our funeral directors will assist your family in determining the most fitting funeral option for your loved one.  


We offer our families a selection of caskets and urns made from biodegradable and sustainable materials, lavender and rose ritual washes for the topical bathing and preparation of the body, shrouds and alternative means of embalming utilizing a non-toxic mix of essential plant-based oils for our families wishing to have public open casket viewings. 


There are several cemeteries that our families can choose from that offer natural or hybrid burial grounds. These cemeteries usually require the use of a biodegradable casket or shroud and prohibit the use of outer burial containers and conventional embalming chemicals to maintain a natural habitat. To learn more about our green/natural funeral service options please contact us at 908-273-1367 or email info@ippolitofuneralhomes.com 




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