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In 1900, our great-grandfather, Paul Ippolito, Sr., began a legacy of providing the best in life-honoring funeral services to families in his community. When you trust us to help plan a life tribute for your loved one, you receive the best in personalized care, the highest standards of quality, and the most attentive and compassionate service. Families choose us not only for our caring service, but because of our reputation for excellence and our ability to accommodate the individual needs and wishes of each family we serve.


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Starting the process to design a funeral or cremation service can be not only overwhelming but also stressful for the family. You want to be sure that the event honors the memories that were cherished over the years. At the same time, it is important to choose the details that match the desires of the deceased. Our team at Paul Ippolito Memorial is working hard to be the leading provider of funeral and cremation services in Berkeley Heights, NJ. We invite you to schedule a consultation so that you can learn more about your options.


Stages of Funeral Planning


We are here to help you with the navigation of the many choices that are available. You can feel empowered in the decisions, knowing that you are choosing the solutions that are the perfect fit for your family. Our proven system includes two stages for every funeral plan:


  1. Honoring Life: Together we will compare the options that are available to honor the life of your loved one. Do you want to have a funeral to support the family traditions that have been carried through the generations? Or, would you rather choose an informal gathering such as a Celebration of Life or Memorial? You can share your thoughts and ideas with our team so that we can help you design an event to match the preferences of your family.

  2. Physical Remains: You also need to consider how the physical remains will be laid to rest. The quality care from our team can be catered to your desires. Some families choose embalming and visitation before holding the funeral or memorial. Others don’t want to have the extra services, so they choose direct cremation or burial to keep it simple.


As you are designing the funeral, you will see that we are dedicated to your satisfaction. A personalized approach is used for every event, with the goal to provide a unique gathering to support family and friends. We go above and beyond the basic funeral services, assisting with the endless possibilities that might be a good fit for your event.

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Funeral and Cremation Options in Berkeley Heights, NJ


How should you compare the options that are available for the upcoming event? We offer information here on our website outlining the various services that you might consider. You are invited to read through this information and call our team at Paul Ippolito Memorial if you need clarification.


Another solution is to schedule a consultation with our team. We will gladly talk to you over the phone or schedule a time to meet in person. This conversation is geared to focus on the needs of your family. At the same time, we can guide the plan based on how the available services fit your desires.


Your Choice: Traditional or Unique Funeral Services


It doesn’t matter if you prefer formal or informal funeral services, our team is here to accommodate your requests. Gathering with friends and family is a time when everyone can embark on the healing journey. This service doesn’t have to fit a cookie cutter mold. Instead, you can choose the setting, location, activities and more.


We work hard to honor the needs of people with all backgrounds, faiths, relationships, and lifestyles. The funeral plan should be a meaningful event for your loved ones, which is why we always listen to personal requests. In addition to building a funeral plan based on your needs, we also look for elements that can be incorporated to make it a fitting gathering for everyone in attendance.


Cremation and Other Options for Physical Remains


How would you like to care for the physical remains? It can be an emotional choice to determine where your loved one should be laid to rest. The best thing that you can do is select a funeral and cremation provider in Berkeley Heights, NJ with multiple options. Then you can discuss the pros and cons of various services without feeling pressured into a solution that isn’t a good fit.


If you choose burial, we have a variety of caskets available. You will need to select a cemetery and also consider options for either burial in the ground or entombment in a mausoleum. Also, keep in mind that cremated remains can be buried if desired. Other cremation options include a memorial urn, entombment, or scattering.


It doesn’tmatter the path that you choose for funeral planning; our team is here to help with anything that you need. We invite you to talk to us about funeral and cremation planning in Berkeley Heights, NJ to learn more about the services that are offered. Talk to Paul Ippolito Memorial by visiting our funeral home at 646 Springfield Ave, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. Or, call when it is time to schedule a consultation for your family: (908) 277-6446


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Why Cremation Is So Well Accepted From Funeral Homes Today?

The Culture Accepts It - It takes a while for a culture to get used to something and to accept it and that’s just what has happened with cremation. Even though it has been around for thousands of years, it’s just been in recent decades where the culture has caught onto the idea and become more accepting of it. People accept it more now because it is being used more often and they are recognizing the many benefits it carries along with it. Also, many of the misconceptions and myths are being dispelled as people learn more about it. Read more. .


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