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We are a small, family-owned business committed to working closely with the families we serve to fulfill and accommodate their individual needs and desires regarding the funeral services of their loved ones. In 1900, our great-grandfather, Paul Ippolito, Sr., began a legacy of providing the best in life-honoring funeral services to families in his community. When you trust us to help plan a life tribute for your loved one, you receive the best in personalized care, the highest standards of quality, and the most attentive and compassionate service. You can learn more about the services offered for funeral and cremation in Short Hills, NJ. The easiest solution is to talk to our expert team at Paul Ippolito Memorial. We have three locations available, with the nearest funeral home located at 7 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901. Call when you are ready to learn about the services that are provided: (908) 273-1367


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What are the right choices for your family when you are designing a funeral service for someone that you love? It can be a heavy burden to work through the many decisions that are available for this event. Not only do you need to respect the traditions of the family, but you also need to consider the desires of the deceased. It is important that you tap into the experience offered by a professional funeral planning staff. You can feel empowered in your decisions as you learn more about funeral and cremation planning in Short Hills, NJ.


You can find multiple funeral homes in the area, but there is one company that stands out from the rest: Paul Ippolito Memorial. We’ve maintained consistency over the years with unbeatable services and an excellent reputation in the area. We care about your family and want to be sure that you are satisfied with the level of service that is offered.


When you work with our team, you will see that we do more than work through basic funeral planning steps. Our systems are designed to reduce your stress and offer the most support every step of the way. Together, we can create an event that will show the utmost respect and honor for your family member.


Personal Relationships and Custom Funeral Planning


One thing that makes Paul Ippolito Memorial unique is the personalized attention that is provided to every family. We are striving to create real relationships with your family members, ensuring that you have the ongoing support that is required during every stage of the planning process. Whether you are considering options for preplanning or you are struggling with grief after the loss, we invite you to reach out to our caring staff.


The funeral or memorial is the last opportunity that you can honor the memory of your family member. So, we invite you to evaluate the personalized details that should be included in the event. This funeral plan will be customized based on your traditions, requests, and the desires of the deceased. Our team can help with a traditional funeral plan if that’s what your family desires. Or, we also have experience with alternative funeral planning, such as memorials, direct cremations, and more.


There’s no reason to feel obligated to be pressured into a specific style of funeral planning. Instead, our team provides a safe environment where you can learn about your options and evaluate how the services match the needs of your family. We have various funeral packages available, or you can hand-pick the services that you desire. If questions come up along the way, then you should never hesitate to pick up the phone so that you can have a conversation with our caring staff.


Facilities for Funeral and Cremation in Short Hills, NJ


We provide multiple funeral home locations, making it easier than ever to plan an event that is close to home. These facilities are designed around both function and comfort. We understand the importance of having a safe, comfortable environment that you can share with your family. So, our facilities are designed to meet the needs of your group, regardless of the number of people in attendance. You can choose small, intimate gathering areas to share with close friends and family. Or, you might consider the use of a larger room if you are anticipating a big attendance from the community.


These facilities are tastefully decorated and designed to serve people of all ages and physical capabilities. You will find ample parking outside, as well as details that make the property handicapped accessible.


Your Options for Funeral Planning


What is the best plan for funeral and cremation services in Short Hills, NJ? The best plan is the one that focuses on the needs of your family. At Paul Ippolito Memorial, we provide the complete range of services that might be desired. You can work through the details to pick the solutions that are a good fit for your family members.


Some families want to maintain simplicity, so they choose direct cremation that is paired with a small memorial at home. Other people want to celebrate the life that was lived,and they choose to invite all friends, family members, and the community to the event. These large gatherings can be hosted in our facility. Or, we are happy to provide the staffing that is needed for a funeral scheduled at a church or outdoor location. Call us anytime at (908) 273-1367.


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