Why Cremation Is So Well Accepted From Funeral Homes Today

While funeral homes in Caldwell, NJ have offered cremation for many years, you probably hear a lot more about it today than you did in past decades. Perhaps more of your friends who have passed away are using it or maybe you hear others making final plans for themselves and including cremation. It definitely comes up more than it used to. Why is that? Here are a few reasons:


The Culture Accepts It

It takes a while for a culture to get used to something and to accept it and that’s just what has happened with cremation. Even though it has been around for thousands of years, it’s just been in recent decades where the culture has caught onto the idea and become more accepting of it. People accept it more now because it is being used more often and they are recognizing the many benefits it carries along with it. Also, many of the misconceptions and myths are being dispelled as people learn more about it.


Religions Accept It

In the past, many of the major religions did not like the idea of cremation, but today, most of them are okay with it. Some of them even prefer it. There are still a few that prohibit it, but to those of many different faiths, their religions are fine with cremation as a final disposition method, which makes it a good idea for funerals homes to offer the option.


The Overall Cost Is Smaller

Money speaks very loudly, even surrounding things like final services. Cremation has become a perfectly acceptable, honorable way to deal with a death in the family and it is also quite a bit cheaper. Family members can give their loved one the honor they deserve at a price they can handle. Death isn’t always something people are prepared for monetarily so when the worst happens, cremation makes it easier to cope.


Easier For Preplanning

More people are also planning their final services in advance today and that is easier with cremation as an option as well. Funeral homes can arrange traditional burials as part of pre-needs as well, but cremation is a much simpler option to plan out in advance.


There are also a lot of options that people appreciate when they are looking at cremation with funeral homes in Caldwell, NJ. That’s another benefit that has made it more popular as the years go by. Whether you want cremation or traditional burial for yourself or a loved one, the professionals at Paul Ippolito - Dancy Memorial can help. Visit with us in person at 9 Smull Ave Caldwell, NJ 07006 and we’ll help you get everything lined up just the way you want. You can call us to ask questions or to set up a meeting with us at (973) 226-1166. We want to make sure your loved one has everything they need and that your family can say goodbye to them in the way they desire.

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