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What Do You Need to Know about Funeral and Cremation Planning in Summit, NJ?


How many questions do you have about funeral and cremation in Summit, NJ? Don’t be shy to ask your questions. It is common for people to take time to learn about the industry before rushing into the funeral planning process. Not only do you need to evaluate your options, but you also need to respect the desires of the family and the deceased.


There’s no question that funeral planning can be a heavy responsibility. Luckily, you don’t have to work through these details without support. Our team at Paul Ippolito Memorial is always on call to ensure that you have a listening ear and supportive hands for upcoming funeral services.


We have experience with short-term funeral planning. Our proven systems are designed to create a funeral plan in just a few days while reducing your stress and worry about the event. At the same time, we are always available to help with preplanning as desired. You are always invited to reach out to our caring staff when you need information or support for a funeral or cremation.


Purpose of a Funeral or Memorial


What is the reason why you should plan a memorial or funeral? Some people assume that it is just tradition to hold an event in honor of the deceased. While there are often traditions included in the funeral services, this gathering also plays an important part to start the healing process. It can be a challenge to work through the grief of losing a loved one. A formal or informal gathering is a time when people can meet together to say goodbye, honor the life of the deceased, share memories, and pay their last respects.


Also, don’t overlook the importance of this event to showcase the accomplishments of your family member. The person lived a full, unique life that needs to be highlighted in the activities. You can take a formal approach with a program and a traditional funeral. Or, you might consider the alternative by having an offbeat gathering with fun music and activities that were enjoyed by the deceased.


In some situations, families choose to forgo the funeral or memorial services. They don’t want to pay to use the facilities, or they are looking for ways to simplify the end of life services. Even if you choose to have a direct burial or cremation, it can be beneficial to schedule a small, intimate gathering with friends and family members at home.


Location for Funeral and Cremation Services in Summit, NJ


Now that you understand the reason you are meeting together with friends and family members, it is time to pick the location where you would like to hold the event. There isn’t a right or wrong location for a memorial or funeral. The most important detail is that you choose a location that fits your goals for the gathering.


If you are trying to choose a location, then we invite you to talk to our team at Paul Ippolito Memorial. We can host your funeral and cremation services in Summit, NJ. You are welcome to tour our facility to see the funeral home that can be used. Not only do we have this location in Summit, NJ, but we also offer two other locations for your convenience.


You will find that all of our funeral homes are designed to optimize your comfort and experience. We want to be sure that you have a memorable day to share with your family. Our funeral home can be designed to accommodate groups of all sizes. Additionally, we can provide the staff for offsite gatherings as well.


What are your options for other funeral or memorial locations? You might evaluate the churches and event centers in the area. Or, find an outdoor location if the person preferred spending time outside. Another option is to hold the gathering in your home or yard. Choose the environment that provides a place of healing and support for the friends and family members who will be attending.


Custom Funeral Services for Your Family


One of the reasons you should choose Paul Ippolito Memorial is because of the personalized approach that we take with every event. We offer funeral packages that include some of the most common services desired for funerals or memorials. At the same time, we are always looking for ways to customize the services based on the desires of your family. These events can be designed to accommodate your traditions, preferences, and requests.


We are here to help with funeral and cremation planning in Summit, NJ. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our team at Paul Ippolito Memorial. Visit our nearest funeral home at 7 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901. Or, call if you would like more information about the services that are offered: (908) 273-1367


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